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hello worm-world, i am here at last. long-time listener, first-time caller i suppose.
it's a strange experience to have read how people perceive me / their experiences with me. my faves from reading e-worm these past few months:
the blessed view of Griffith past the palm trees from ori and Lukas' los feliz balcony, always sunny on the east side; blood streaming down my arm at the party after a dangerous Lime crash in silver lake, swerving with Catherine on the empty night streets, as embarrassing as it was potentially life-threatening and contemporary, what a way to go!

Last night we went to Palette SF and talked to master sommelier Jeremiah. He kinda looked like Ori and knew so much about wine. We also tried some expensive whiskies at the gallery bar next door. Maybe Ori will become a master sommelier...

pranks....pranking....I want ori to stand out of the roof of my car with a scepter as we drive around SF...

i hope to write here more. see u soon -scepter boy